You can add credit directly from the app in a number of ways:

  • Online using credit card, debit card or PayPal account
  • Over the phone using credit card or debit card
  • By purchasing a White Calling Card or Voucher and loading this onto the app 
  • By setting up an Auto Top-up for automatically adding credit when you need it

These options can be found in the Account Screen within the app. Select the ‘Add Credit’ option and follow the steps to add credit using your preferred method.

Please note: not all payment options are available in all territories.

Auto Top-up

If you top-up online and store your payment details you can also set a low balance top-up, ensuring you never run out of credit in the middle of a call. Simply select the ‘Make Life Easy’ option when you top-up, then set how much you you want to top-up when your balance gets low.

Please note: your auto top-up happens when you make a call, once your balance is below your threshold.