Auto Top-up is perfect for making sure you don't run out of credit when you need it by automatically topping you up when your balance reaches a certain point. Very convenient, saves time and keeps you in control.

To set Auto top-up:

Once you have registered your payment details (card or PayPal) you will see the ‘Make Life Easy’ option on the top-up screen, the next time you top-up.


Check the 'Make Life Easy' button and simply choose how much you want to top-up and select what amount your balance should be for your auto top-up. This is the amount which your White App credit must fall below before an Auto Top-up is performed.

Simply complete your top-up. Your Auto Top-up will be setup and the next time your credit goes below your threshold, a top-up will be completed for you. Your auto top-up amount will be the same amount you topped up when you set it up.

Note: an Auto Top-up will be triggered following the completion of the next call once  your White app balance falls below the threshold you have set. You will receive an Auto Top-up confirmation email receipt each time an auto top-up is carried out, just as you do for regular top-ups.

Managing your Auto Top-up:

Once enabled, you can manage your Auto Top-up by selecting MANAGE AUTO TOP-UP from the drop down menu of your account by going to Login using the email address and password you set when you registered your payment details. 

Once logged in you can amend the details for your Auto top-up i.e. change the top up amount, top up threshold or disable Auto Top-up.