When I open the app, I'm stuck on the Help & Support section - why?

No matter how we connect your calls, the app needs a data (internet) connection to quickly talk to our servers and retrieve your credit balance. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection, the app can’t do this and you get taken to this screen.

What should I do?

  • Check your connection – sometimes it may look like you’re connected, when you’re not
  • If you think you have a connection, try doing something like a new Google search
  • If you have a connection but still can’t use the app, please contact our Customer Services Team who will be delighted to help.

Calls won't connect?

  • Are you dialing the mobile number correctly – if entering it manually then make sure you add the correct international dialing code.
  • Do you have a strong mobile signal and/or data connection? In order to make a call you will need cellular coverage and/or a data (internet) connection, depending on your Call Type.
  • If making your calls via 3/4G or Wi-Fi, do you have a strong enough data signal? To test this you can simply check to see if you are able to open up a website or watch a YouTube video?
  • If your Call Type is set to Local Access and you are a PAYG mobile customer, do you have free minutes/credit on your SIM to dial our access number?
  • If you are trying to make a call with the White Calling app and hear a message saying “PIN stuck in use” you will need to contact our Customer Service team who will be able to fix this for you straight away

If you hear a voice message saying you can’t make a call as you have no credit you will probably need to top-up your White Calling app. 

However, if you hear a message saying you don't have credit, but the app shows that you have credit, it could be:

  • You have a pre-paid mobile phone and are making calls via our Local Access number, but your SIM has run out of credit, so the message will be coming from your mobile network provider. You can either top-up your PAYG SIM or switch your Call Type and call over Wi-Fi. Just go to Select Call Type from the app Menu
  • It could also be that your White Calling credit has expired because you’ve haven't used the app for a long time but it still shows your expired credit balance. If you top-up, your credit will be activated again

If you are having issues making calls, check our FAQ page first for more helpful advice.  Alternatively, if you ever need support, our amazing UK based Customer Service Team is available Mon-Fri 9-6.  You can email us at ask@whitecalling.com or call us on 0330 001 0488.