We've just launched an exciting new offer where you can earn free credit each and every month. Check out our video below for more information and start earning! Be one of the first!



You can invite friends and family wherever they are in the world and the White app is available.


Simply select ‘Invite Friends & Earn Credit’ from the menu in the top left of the app and follow the instructions - or you can select the ‘Invite’ button when you go to a particular contact.


Once any of the contacts you have invited to the White Calling app top up within the app by the minimum £5.00 top up amount, we add free credit to your account – it’s that simple!


After that it gets even better - you will earn 5% commission on every additional top up your invited contact makes for the next 2 years! Why wait? Start inviting now!


You can check and manage your invites using our brand new dashboard - click New Invite Friends Dashboard to see more.

You can learn how to start inviting and earning by following our easy guide - click Earn credit by inviting friends to see how.


There is no limit to the number of people you can invite or the amount of free credit you can earn!


Please note you need to be using the latest version of our app to take advantage of this feature.

You can find answers to most queries by checking out our FAQs.  Alternatively, if you ever need support, our amazing UKbased Customer Service Team is available Mon-Fri 9-6.  You can email us at ask@whitecalling.com or call us on 0330 001 0488.