By now you would have been using and loving WHITE CALLING, so do you know anyone who you think will love our app just as much as you??  

Well, you can just invite them via the app, and here's the GREAT news, you get £5 FREE credit once they have topped up with a credit/debit card.  

There's more!!  You keep earning 5% each month, FREE credit, on any top up they make for the next 2 years!!  You can track your invites and see how much you are earning, all within the app.  The friends you have invited can then also invite their friends, it never ends, and everyone can earn some FREE credit. 


To learn more about how it works, click here to watch our awesome info video :)  

**To qualify for any free credit/bonus, your referral must NOT have previously been a WHITE CALLING customer.

The app is currently available in the following countries:

Australia                Austria                 Belgium                      Bulgaria

Canada                  Cyprus                 Czech Republic           Denmark

Finland                  France                  Germany                     Gibraltar

Greece                   Hungary              India                            Ireland

Israel                      Italy                     Lithuania                     Luxembourg

Malta                     Netherlands        New Zealand               Norway

Poland                   Portugal              Singapore                    South Africa

Spain                     Sweden               Switzerland                  United States        


If your App/Play Store account is not registered in one of these countries, the app is not currently available for download.

If you are having issues inviting friends, our amazing UK based Customer Service Team is available Mon-Fri 9-6.  You can email us at or call us on 0330 001 0488.